Monday, 30 January 2012

Results Update



Mujamead - came 3rd, -1pt

So the one bet that lost, and -1pt on the day.


Alpha Way - led but a mistake at the end put him out of any contention, -1pt
Dontpaytheferryman WON at advised 9/2, made all, +4.5pts
Red Tanber - 2nd but the winner made all clearing by 14 lengths, -1pt
Taffe - never challenged, -1pt

So the one winner sees us go +1.5pts on the day 1W-3L.


Chester Lad WON at advised 5/2, making all. +2.5pts
Mister Mackenzie - looked as though he would make it, but 1 paced at the end, -1pt
Allanard - had every chance before falling 2 out, -1pt
Lujeanie - crushed at the off but couldn't make it happen, -1pt
What An Oscar - unseated rider, -1pt

One winner cut the losses to -1.5pts on the day, 1W-4L


Sam Hall - a race that saw 5 horses pull up, and our was one of them, -1pt
Amirico - 2nd, behind a clear winner, -1pt
Nagpur WON as the clear winner :-), SP of 4/1, +4pts
Benny Be Good - never in touch to compete, -1pt
Look For Love - every chance but couldn't find the win, -1pt

So again 1 winner saves us for +1pts, 1W-4L


Hollow Tree - led but soon lost pace, -1pt
The Giant Bolster WON at advised 9/2 after making all, +4.5pts
Kid Cassidy WON as our 2pt bet at 2/1, +4pts
De Boitron - offered nothing special throughout the race, -1pt
Southern State - trades 1.06 but couldn't win for us, -1pt

A good day, but small frustration at a few of those losers. 2W-3L sees us go +5.5pts.


American Cricket - was never in contention, -1pt
Turbulance - led but soon tailed off, -1pt

Both losers, -2pts.

So this brings our total of this period to 5W-16L and +3.5pts. Not amazing but it has been tough and seems we've been unlucky on a few occasions. Still, profit is profit. Football next.

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