Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Monday Results

So a joy-less day again, and another day whereby one of our selections traded 1.13 on Betfair in-running but was still pipped, after a making a mistake two out. Frustrating.

Rocky Ryan 2nd, by a neck, rallying well, but just not enough = -1pt
Songsmith raced off the pace, and with a couple of errors was eased off and never competed = -1pt
Madame Jasmine couldn't seem to find a way through the pack, but outpaced when did make a move to progress = -1pt

So a blank day of -3pts, which could have nearly been a profit. Never mind, things will turn.

Crawley lost 2-1 away to Shrewsbury, who maintain their very impressive home record, even if the result seemed cruel on Crawley, who edged possession, anddominated shots for (9-17) and shots on target (4-11) but lost out. -1pt, which in the grand scheme of things made a our weekend a marginal losing one.

Usual action to follow later on. Any football blog bets do look unlikely at this stage.

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