Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tuesday Results

A reoccurring theme anyone?

Tulia De Gravelle pulled up = -1pt
Stormy Morning held up early, but a mistake put an end to his run as he weakened = -1pt
Colour Guard WON @ advised 2/1 with plenty in the tank = +2pts
Lindoro was backed well but weakened after a decent start = -1pt

So one winner, but unfortunately not enough to register a profit on the day, with -1pt.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry, but for those following, it must be bordering on the former now. One can only hope this is variance of its harshest form. We must be bordering on missing out on 30pts because of last-minute goals and teams losing decent leads. Last night it was Oxford's turn.

Aldershot lost 1-0 away to Torquay in a tight game = -1.5pts
Barnet lost 3-1 away to Gillingham, despite take the lead, although on the balance of play, a fair result = -1pt
Hartlepool lost 1-0 away to Huddersfield, and can have no complaints = -1.5pts
Oxford drew 2-2 away at Shrewsbury, throwing away a 2 goal margin at HT. Oxford also hit the bar which would have made it 3-0. The equaliser came in the 90th minute, described as a 'dramatic 35 yard strike' by the BBC Sport site. At circa odds of 3/1, a huge blow. = -1pt
Rotherham drew 1-1 at home to Crewe, but probably edged it = -1.5pts

So a bad night, quickly hot on the heels of a bad weekend. Although Oxford holding would have not have turned a profit, it would have seriously reduced the loss, likewise Burnley at the weekend. I keep saying it will turn, but now we need to see that in practice! -6.5pts on the night

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